It is sharply continental.  The winter is cold and the summer is hot and short, in summer the day is hot and the night is cool. The most constant winds are north-west; the south-east wind (headwind) brings bad weather in the summer. The average temperature in January is 22-24 degrees below zero, and in July it is 16-18 degrees. The frost-free period lasts about 100 days.

Within 450-500 mm of precipitation falls per year. The soil in winter freezes to a depth of 200 cm.

Natural phenological phenomena are repeated yearly at the same time. For example, the starlings arrive in the first decade of April and fly out of the birdhouses in the forest together with squab bags on July 6-8. Bird cherry blossoms on May 19-24, strawberries in the field are ready on July 18-22, the snow falls in the third decade of October.