Kleofas Erdman Brewery

The Kleofas Erdman Brewery is named after our grandfather. This is his portrait depicted on the logo. However, he has never been a brewer, nevertheless, his life for us is an example of honestly fulfilled duty to his family, friends, homeland.

Address: Angarsk, 251 q., b. 2,

Contact details: 8 (3955) 68-69-80

Website: http://www.kleofas.ru/

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How interesting and tasteful is the weekend in Angarsk?

The Cleophas Erdman Brewery invites you to a tour and even a tasting.


– The cost of the excursion is 250 rubles.

 On Saturdays it is available at 12.30

Groups of no more than 7 people

The cost of the excursion includes a transfer from the “Nevsky” restaurant to the brewery and back. The total duration of the excursion is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

During the excursion the tourists have the opportunity to take pictures, touch, get acquainted with beer at all stages of its production, find out what color hops, malt, wort, yeast, and beer are. Each tour ends with a tasting.


  1. We introduce you the history of the brewery, which began in October 2008 (Who is Cleophance Erdman?)
  2. A step-by-step story about the production of beer and kvass
  3. Myths about beer, historical facts

In the NEVSKY:

  1. Tasting beer, 3 sorts (optional) for 0.3 liters and crackers

Please register to visit the brewery and taste different sorts of beer

Telephone for information and registration:

8 (3955) 652514

Technological scheme of beer production

Malt crusher mash-and-wort kettle

Hops filtration boiler

Cooling tank fermentation ripening

Kegs bottling beer

Kleofans made in Angarsk

Natural fermentation product