Rafting on the Kitoy River

A full interesting rest can be not only near the sea on the southern coast. Rafting along the rivers of the Irkutsk region is an excellent alternative for replenishing the energy reserve. All you need is a desire!

One-day alloys

In the warm season, there may be more worries. One person is busy with country chores; the other one has started the repairs. And you also want to get to Baikal and you need to organize this holiday for yourself. Then pay attention to a one-day rafting along the river. It is a real find for complete relaxation and getting to know a rafting affair.

Rafting with overnight stays on the Kitoy River

In the warm season, from mid-May to the end of September, it’s better to spend the weekend outdoors. Our generous land has many wonderful places to relax. We offer to arrange the rafting of the day off for yourselves and your loved ones. In order to fully relax and get new impressions, you do not need to travel far from the city.


Additional information: http://splav38.ru/raspisanie-i-tseni/

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