“Angaria” Ice-cream factory

What is an excursion to the factory “Angaria”? It is an opportunity to see with your own eyes the amazing process of making your favorite delicacies, to try hot wafer cups and freshly made ice cream, to visit the factory museum and learn the history of its construction, to be surprised by the size of the warehouse and learn how to store ice cream.

Address: ul. Mira 34

Contact details: 8 (3955) 52-27-90

Website: http://angaria.ru/

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    Family, Guided Tours
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Additional information

Children’s Restaurant Angaria Magic Country

Cost – 500 rub Excursion + tasting

300 rub – Lunch at the restaurant “Angaria magic country”

250 rub – a gift from the ice cream factory


Excursion to the ice cream factory

You will visit:

Ice cream shop

Waffle shop

Finished goods warehouse


The largest ice cream shop in Russia

Children’s restaurant “Angaria magic country”