Restaurant “Golden Dragon”

Chinese cuisine is widely known as one of the richest and most diverse cuisines and heritages of the world. The reason for such a wide culinary tradition was the presence of many regions of China. Food in Chinese culture is typically seen as consisting of two or more common components:  a source of carbohydrate or starch, usually it’s rice, noodles, or manta, and accompanying dishes from vegetables, meat, fish, or other similar products. In our city, you can taste this gourmet food in the Chinese Restaurant “Golden Dragon“. It is one of the first Chinese cuisine restaurants in Angarsk. But it still remains very popular among Angarsk citizens, thanks to delicious exotic dishes, the colorful Chinese atmosphere, and good service.

Contact information: Tel.: 8 (3955) 53-88-88

Address: Angarsk city, Quarter 108 str., 6


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