The Ballet “Cinderella” at 13th of March

THE CLASSICAL RUSSIAN BALLET OF MOSCOW by director Hasan Usmanov “Zolushka”

Ballet in two acts by fairy tale of S.Pero

Duration: 2 hours with 1 intermission

The idea of ballet-extravaganza by well-known fairy tale of French writer Charles Perrault was appeared at Prokofyev in the winter of 1940 year. Tragic events of war for times distracted composer from creation of score. However, in 1943 in Perm, where Kirovsky Theatre was evacuated, “Cinderella ” was end with direct participation of the librettist Nikolay Volkov and ballet Master Konstantin Sergeev.

The admirers of classic ballet will be able to see “Cinderella” of Prokofyev in organization by artist Director of classical Russian Ballet Hasan Usmanov and director-producer Timur Kinzikeev.

Classical Russian ballet, apart from performances at Capitals’s stages, actively tours in Russia and abroad. Plays of Classical Russian ballet with success were met by viewer of Ekaterinburg, Kiev, Odessa, and also the public accepted with enthusiasm the troupe in Finland, Japan, Spain, Austria, Israel, German, Greece and etc.

The repertoire of Classical Russian ballet troupe making, first of all, ballets of classical heritage, great works, included in Golden Fund of Russian ballet!

Cost of tickets 400-1400 rubles.

Phone of ticket office 522-522

For collective applications 89027689229.

Tickets on-line http://angarsk.kassy.ru/event/2191/

Source:: http://liveangarsk.ru/