The Contracting organization began work on the restoration of small architectural forms on the alley of love in Meget

Mayor Sergey Petrov has instructed the head of the Department for Megetskaya site Eugene Horoshilova to put in order the only in the village Park area was commissioned during his working trip to the settlement at the end of June.

Now, within the framework of the municipal contract, works on repair of small architectural forms affected by vandals, including a Playground located in a Park zone, benches and urns, are being carried out here. In August, another large Playground will be installed on the alley and trees and shrubs will be pruned. More than 400 thousand rubles were allocated for the works. Next year we plan to restore the lighting. The issue of patrolling the recreation area by the crews of the security company “ANTARIS” within the framework of social partnership is being solved.

“In addition, we will repair all the playgrounds available in the village, bring them to a technically sound condition. About 200 thousand rubles were allocated for these purposes,” Yevgeny Khoroshilov said.