Chinese delegation of the Academy of Sciences visited Angarsk

Scientific delegation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences together with Irkutsk colleagues from the Institute of geography named after VB Sochava today, July 31, arrived in Angarsk city district. This is the second visit of guests from China to our territory. For the first time, representatives of the Chinese scientific community visited Angarsk in 2015.

The Chairman of the Duma of the Angarsk city district Alexander Gorodskoy addressed the guests with a welcoming speech. He noted the importance of friendly, social, cultural and business relations between Russia and China and the readiness of the leaders of the territory for dialogue.

A member of the delegation of Dun SOCAN, leading researcher and head of the scientific-technical research programmes in the basic resources of China”, a Multidisciplinary scientific expedition of Russia, Mongolia and economic economic corridor of China” also stressed the importance of cooperation in different areas.

During the meeting they discussed issues of environmental and industrial safety, interaction of scientific communities and public associations, development of joint tourism projects.

“We welcome guests. We have many beautiful places and there is something to show. Our entrepreneurs could find common ground and develop a tourist destination together with increasing mutual interest. We are ready to cooperate,” said Alexander City.

During the conversation, the parties identified areas for further cooperation, including in terms of development of investment projects, as the Angarsk city district has quite extensive potential: free land, cheap energy, high-quality water and high personnel potential.