Funds for the project of United Russia party “the Local house of culture” in Odense equipment would be purchased for the holidays

“Local house of culture” – a new large-scale project of the United Russia party to support rural clubs and houses of culture. It is aimed at the development and renewal of the material and technical base of rural clubs and houses of culture.  In small towns, such institutions are often the only center of additional education of children and adolescents, leisure, preservation and development of folk art. United Russia party has initiated the allocation of funds from the budget for the modernization of these facilities and offered the public a mechanism for joint work on the project, which makes it transparent, targeted and taking into account the opinion of residents. The Federal project is designed for three years.

In the Federal budget for 2017-2019, at the initiative of the United Russia faction, the state Duma provides for an additional type of state support – subsidies to ensure the development and strengthening of the material and technical base of municipal houses of culture. In 2017, 1 billion 400 million rubles were allocated for these purposes in the Federal budget. Irkutsk region will receive more than 23 million on 47 clubs that have passed the competitive selection. The project will be co-financed from the Federal, regional and local budgets.

DK “Odins” successfully passed the competitive selection. At the expense of the program, it is planned to purchase sound and lighting equipment, as well as musical instruments and stage costumes.

“We plan to improve the material and technical equipment, including the purchase of music and lighting equipment to be able to hold street festivals in the village at the appropriate level and to preserve and develop the heritage of Buryat culture, “-said the Director of the DC” Odinsk ” Tatiana Konyukhova.

Irkutsk region is the only territory in Russia, where for several years the regional target program “100 model houses of culture – Priangarya”has been implemented. This means that the rural houses of culture to the Federal subsidies will also receive funds allocated for the implementation of the program. In total, more than 70 million rubles will be allocated for the development of municipal recreation centers this year.

Each cultural institution will receive an amount of 1 million 627 thousand rubles. The size of the Federal subsidy for each house of culture will be 492,5 thousand rubles. The regional subsidy is more than 895 thousand rubles. Co-financing from the local budget-240 thousand rubles. Federal funds are provided for the purchase of sound and lighting equipment. Regional and local funds will be used to purchase musical instruments, stage clothes, furniture, chairs, office equipment, as well as stage costumes and shoes.

“DK “Odins” participates in both programs. According to the second plan, it is planned to buy national Buryat costumes and shoes for performances of dance and vocal groups, scenery, inventory, furniture. Also in the regional program “100 model houses of culture — Priangarya” this year entered the house of culture in Kitoe. On regional means the scene of DK “Forester” will be equipped, – told in Management on culture and youth policy of administration of the Angarsk city district.

For reference. DK “Odins” was opened December 2014. Today, national trends — Buryat culture and art-are actively developing here. In September 2016, after the reconstruction, the Lesnik cultural Center was opened in the remote district of Kitoy. Now here are mugs, sections, gym, library, theatre Studio, dance and vocal rooms, a veterans ‘ organization.